Selecting the Right Agent

There has been a long-standing precedent to hire a real estate agent based on price and marketing but in the age of information, nothing is proprietary anymore. The information you had and the marketing you could expect used to be specific to the agent you were working with, but the changes of the last decade have created a free-for-all of data, information, resources, and services. The value your broker brings to the table isn’t quantified by how impressive their “CMA” is (Comparative Market Analysis), how pretty their fliers are, or whether they can effectively stage your property for sale. Those things are either (a) a given, or (b) available to any agent as long as they have the marketing dollars to spend.


Choosing the right agent for the job of selling your home comes down to expertise, experience, honesty, integrity, and skill. The job is to get your home sold at the TOP of the range the market will allow (and maybe even a little above) while keeping you protected, and getting you to the closing table with the least amount of stress and strain, and hopefully, without any at all! To do that, your agent has to be…

  • An expert in marketing,
  • An expert in sales and negotiation,
  • An expert in contracts and contract strategy,
  • An expert in the market and market projections,
  • An expert coordinator,
  • An expert communicator,
  • An expert task and full project manager,
  • An expert problem solver,
  • And so much more!


One of the biggest mistakes consumers (and even agents) can make is to underestimate what it takes to successfully work with hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars of investments. Hiring a true, experienced, knowledgeable, skillful professional will undoubtedly put tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of more dollars in your pocket, and will make your life easier doing it 😉

Thinking about selling and want to talk about your options?

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