Handling Viewings

Accessibility is paramount to the success of your sale. 

As your real estate agent, there are things that we can do to alleviate some of the stresses/strains that come with having people through your home. Based on your needs, we can come up with a strategy that will push buyers through in a shorter timeframe and get you an offer faster so you can stop worrying about making sure your house looks like no one actually lives in it 😉


Outside of the scheduling considerations and the plans we can make to streamline that process, there are some things for you to do to make the viewings more successful. A basic but key list would be…

  • Make sure the house is neat and clean.
  • Remove personal items such as family pictures.
  • Find a place to go, such as a park or shopping mall. NOTE: This is critical so if there is an issue or a concern, let me know right away so we can come up with another plan.
  • If at all possible, for their safety and comfort, just as well as that of a potential buyer, removing your pets is an important consideration.
  • Ensure the walkway leading up to your house is clear.
  • While security is rarely an issue due to the steps we take to ensure your home is protected, removing, hiding, or locking up medications and/or other valuables is never a bad plan.
  • Bathrooms and kitchens are going to be hot buttons so keeping them clean will be important.
  • Make sure toilet seats are down, toilet brushes and trash cans are tucked away, and that area rugs (in the bathrooms and kitchen) are hung or put elsewhere during the showing.
  • While we will make our expectations around notice clear to other agents, sometimes things do happen. Without asking you to be unrealistic, it is important to be as flexible as possible, even if you aren’t given the notice you would have preferred.


PRO TIP: Keep an empty laundry basket (or 5 – wink) handy so that if you have short notice for a showing, you can whiz around and toss random items into the basket(s) to tuck away and pull out again when the buyers have left.

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