Viewing Homes

The Home Shopping Process

Looking for a new home can be incredibly exciting, and inevitably stressful. My job is to alleviate that stress whenever and however possible. One of the best ways of doing that is to make sure that we have a plan every step of the way and that you know what to expect through the entire process.


In the age of information, it’s likely that I’ll be sending you properties that fit your criteria and that you’ll be spending time looking for properties yourself. If you find something that I haven’t sent to you already, there’s a good chance that it doesn’t work for you for one reason or another. That said, send it to me anyway so that we’re sure.


When you decide you like a property and want to see it with the idea of putting together an offer, the first thing is to let me know so that I can kick the tires for you. Dropping everything to go see the property might be necessary but we can typically plan a bit better than that. Once I have had the opportunity to get more information about the property, when offers will be considered, etc, we will come up with a plan for getting in to see it.


When viewing properties, it’s important to note that sometimes the things you think you want aren’t as important as you thought they were, and sometimes, there are things you hadn’t thought of that prove to be more important than you’d realized. Be sure to pick an agent who will dig into WHY you are looking for what you’re looking for so that they can best consult, support, and encourage you.

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