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While a “client-first” approach is key to a truly successful sale, understanding the difference between “broker value” and “market value” is critical.


Market Value:

A value range that a group of buyers is willing to pay for a property in a particular market environment.

Broker Value:

The value an agent will bring to the table, whether it is in (a) protecting you through the process, (b) orchestrating a successful sale, (c) simplifying your preparations and/or your move, (d) putting the most money in your pocket, or (e) all of the above.


There has been a longstanding precedent to hire a real estate agent based on price and marketing. The challenge is that real estate agents don’t decide what the market will bear and marketing is no longer proprietary. Choosing an agent to sell your property at the top of the market value range means choosing an agent with proactive, proven systems and strategies that will put more money in your pocket than selling on your own or with any other agent.

Your Personal Consultation

  1. The first step is your Initial Needs Consultation. It can be a phone call, virtual meeting, or over a cup of coffee, but it’s the first step in assessing what you want to accomplish.
  2. Next, I’ll visit your home, do an assessment of your property, answer your questions, review market data, and talk to you about the process and what it will take to reach your goals.
  3. Once we decide to work together, we will come up with the necessary marketing and pricing strategies to get you where you want to go.

If you plan to purchase another home in the area, there are significant advantages to coordinating your purchase and your sale at the same time, so we can talk about that too.

The time we spend together will give us both the opportunity to get to know one another and to see if there’s a good fit. Worst case, you walk away with more information than you had and are better equipped to make the best decision moving forward!

Thinking about selling and want to talk about your options?

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