Attracting Buyers

Understanding quality, quantity, and buyer profiling…

Attracting buyers is much different now than it once was. Experts estimate that the average American is exposed to anywhere from 4,000-10,000 ads every day and agents are still hanging their hats on the number of ways a property is going to be advertised; the number of websites it will be on, the social media campaigns they’re going to run, the email blasts they’re going to send out, the open houses they’re going to hold, the telemarketing they’re going to do, the postcards they’re going to send, the single property websites (when you’re really fancy)…


The problem is that while so many people are going WIDE, what we need to be doing is going DEEP. Understanding the buyer demographics specific to your property is the first step in honing your marketing  to cast a deep net. Enticing more than one buyer to make an offer is fantastic but the saying “You only need one,” is a saying for a reason. Having more offers doesn’t mean that you have more quality buyers and quality is key. Having a bigger quantity of quality buyers…now that’s even better!


So, how to attract as many QUALITY buyers as possible becomes the focus. Once we know who your buyer is going to be, using proven, measured, statistical data, we can assess…

  • What they are looking for in the features and benefits of the home.
  • What they want to see and find useful when it comes to marketing and accessibility.
  • What resources they utilite when they are searching for home.
  • Where they found the home they ultimately purchased.
  • And more!


Using that information, my job is to create a custom marketing strategy to key into the wants and needs of your specific buyer so that your property isn’t just another blip on the advertising radar. Ensuring that your property stands out in a sea of ads, sales calls, and junk mail means more serious, qualified, excited buyers ready to put their money in your pocket.

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